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If you’re looking to hire a business coach, you probably want someone who has been successful in his or her own career right?

• Preferably someone who has worked in multiple industries.
• Reached the top tier of all of them, and then decided to pass along what they’ve learned over 25 years to you.

But do those kinds of people actually exist?

Tom Dougherty and his talented team at ActionCOACH of Arizona are some of them.

Tom Dougherty

Tom Dougherty

Executive Coach

  • •From Englewood, CO and spent his youth in Southern California.
  • •Attended SDSU and began working in the ski industry in sales.
  • •Left school to pursue his dream of becoming a stockbroker and financial advisor with Paine Webber (now UBS) in San Diego

“I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and felt like I had gotten everything I was going to get from school, so I jumped at the chance.”

  • •Grew portfolio to $155 million in just five years
  • •Earned Financial Advisor of the Year.

The Entrepreneur Calleth once again

  • •Left Paine Webber to pursue full time the project he’d been doing on the side – manufacturing and selling paint ball guns.

“In the early 2000s paint ball was absolutely blowing up,” he said.

“We had a gun that everyone wanted – it fired up to 44 paint balls per second if you can imagine that –  I hired, fired, managed people, did the books – everything a small business owner goes through, I saw up close and personal during those four years. It was a fantastic educational experience for me,  and gave me a perspective on small business I’d never had before.”

  • •Sold the company to National Paint Ball Supply in 2007
    • •Was asked to join Sports Gear West, and over four years grew the list of companies he was representing to 12
    • •Including Momentum watches, Fortis, Marker bindings and Canada Goose.
    • •Grew to a valuation of $300 million before it was sold.
    • •Received the President’s Award from for growing his region’s sales from $1 million to $32 million in just five years.

During this time, he met his wife Lorri, and they were married in June of 2011.

Lorri was living in Phoenix with her daughter Taylor so he left and moved to Phoenix

“At that point, I realized I wanted to do something that really helped people,” he said.  “Sure, helping large businesses grow helped people, but I wanted to do it on a more personal level. And I wanted to help people create abundance in their lives, whether it was an abundance of money or time, whatever they wanted to have more of, that’s what I want to help them achieve.”



    Tom has coached business owners in team building, cashflow management, sales, marketing, advertising, profit growth, business systems, and time management strategies to grow their revenues in a matter of months. His clients have achieved triple digit growth in profitability by implementing these strategies that deliver real results. He helps business leaders work through roadblocks and growing pains that enables growth and profitability that exceeds industry average.


    Tom began his career in the financial world as an advisor for UBS Wealth Management. Since then he has successfully launched many companies in the United States including Racegun, Canada Goose, Moose Knuckles and SportsGearWest. His real-world business experience coupled with a track record of corporate level success makes him an invaluable resource to business owners and executives. Tom has received multiple awards at ActionCOACH including Global Rookie Coach of the year.


    Tom’s family is of extreme importance. He enjoys spending quality time with his wife Lorri and daughter Taylor. His passions involve mountain biking, golfing, and surfing. He also enjoys giving back to the community by mentoring young entrepreneurs and volunteering to coach the local high school mountain bike team. Tom is the current Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce.

Len DeCarmine

Len DeCarmine

Leonard DeCarmine is a Certified Business Coach with ActionCOACH, where he actively coaches business owner on all levels for success. Growing up in an entrepreneurial lifestyle, Len is not new to the pain and pleasure associated with business challenges and achievement. Over the years, Len and his family have built businesses in various segments such as Hospitality, Real Estate, Retail, Contracting, Photography and Marketing. He even started learning sales as young as 8 years old selling candy to the kids in the lunchroom and buying and selling comic books and baseball cards at flea markets.

In 2012, Len began to focus more on his studies and training in personal development and coaching. He became certified as Hypnotherapist to help him better understand the human mind and linguistics. He continued his passion for knowledge and graduated from Coach University as a Life and Business Coach giving him more insight to the “Why” that motivates each and every one of us. He became a graduate of the Landmark Forum, which has made him more mindful of leaving the past behind and being in the present. His thirst for awareness and understanding in personal development and business has helped him develop his skills more thoroughly in sales, negotiation, marketing, business development, advertising, real estate, training, NLP, personal growth and coaching.

Len mission in life to make transformation possible for all those who want to achieve it both in business and in life. He understands that nothing comes easy and success is achievable through the right mindset and taking effective action!

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